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Search Tips

Search All
  • To search for all postings, clear your search, then click the “Apply Search” button at the bottom.  You may also click “All” in the top right corner of the Categories, Locations and/or Department search criteria boxes.

Categories, Locations or Department

  • We recommend using only one search criteria box (i.e. Categories, Locations, Department) to look for positions of interest.  Choosing a selection from more than one search criteria box (e.g. selecting Corrections, Ionia County, and Public Safety) could bring up no results if no positions are posted that meet all three criteria.  If this happens, click “Return to Search Criteria”, then “Clear Search” at the bottom of the page.  Make your selection(s) from only one of the search criteria boxes and try your search again.
  • The number next to the category, location or Department indicates the number of postings if you search for that selection only (e.g. Accounting and Finance (10) indicates there are 10 postings in the Accounting and Finance category).
  • Search criteria boxes will display information for current postings only (e.g. a county will only be listed if there is a current position posted for that county).
  • Selections will be listed under each search criteria box to inform you of which selections you’ve made.


  • Words entered in the keywords search will only bring up results if the word(s) is found in the job title or description.
  • Enter account* (account with an asterisk) to return results in which account makes up a portion of the word (e.g. any postings in which accounting, accounts, accountant or accountants appears in the title or description will be returned).
  • To search for a posting title you received in a job interest card email, clear your search, enter the job title in the keywords search at the bottom of the page and click “Apply Search”.

My Minimum Desired Annual Salary

  • To search for postings that meet your minimum desired salary requirements, enter salary without any commas, decimals or dollar signs (e.g. 40000 not $40,000).  The results will bring up any postings with a pay range listed where it is possible to make a minimum of $40,000 annually. Home  |  MCSC Home  |  Contact MCSC  |  State Web Sites
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