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  Course No.:  WORKCS018      
  Course Title:  How to Get Along, Get Noticed, and Get Ahead
Course Description Success isn’t just about the job you’s about how you do it. Communicating effectively, working well with others, and staying positive and flexible in the face of change are essential to your effectiveness. These are the essentials for helping you, as an employee, become productive as quickly as possible.

This course is designed to help you see the value of building effective relationships and demonstrates how a positive attitude and personal initiative pay off.
Learning Objectives At the end of this session you will:
1. Understand the “unspoken truth” that attitude and personal behavior are vital to long-term success.
2. Learn the importance of shifting a negative attitude into a positive attitude.
3. Be able to describe proactive behaviors.
4. Learn how to cope with change more effectively.
5. Be encouraged to set goals.
6. Understand the importance of being cooperative and respectful.
7. Be able to list ways to communicate clearly and listen actively.
Who Should Attend: Group 1 and newly hired employees.
Registration Information: To register for this class, contact your Agency Training Registrar.
Participant Information: Civil Service Staff will facilitate this course.
Learning Process Employed:
 Grey ball image Collaborative Learning  
 Grey ball image Discussion  
 Grey ball image Lecture/Stand up Presentation  
Time Required: 3.5  Hour(s)
Course Cost: $0.00
Competencies: Grey Ball image Communication  Grey Ball image Adaptability   Grey ball image Contributing to Team Success     
Prerequisites: None