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  Course No.:  COMMCS049      
  Course Title:  Crucial Conversations (2 day program)
Course Description When stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions run strong, casual conversations often become crucial. And, wouldn't you know it -- the more crucial the conversation the less likely we are to handle it well. When we don't handle it well, every aspect of our lives can be affected. Volumes of research show that strong relationships, careers, organizations, and communities all depend on a critical skill -- the ability to talk candidly and respectfully about high-stakes, emotional, and controversial issues. This program will help you learn to master your crucial conversations to improve your organization, strengthen your relationships, and improve your overall health.

Note: This is not the same as the 1-day "Having the Tough Conversations" course.
Learning Objectives By the end of the session, participants will be able to:
1. Spot when conversations become crucial.
2. Hold the right conversations.
3. Avoid repeatedly having the same conversation.
4. Understand your own style under stress.
5. Recognize and diffuse violence and silence.
6. Clearly identify and express what you really mean.
7. Separate facts from stories and emotions.
8. Make it safe for others to speak up.
9. Make clear decisions and commitments.
Who Should Attend: This workshop is designed for all State of Michigan employees who are COMMITTED to achieving the results they want.
Registration Information: To register for this class, contact your Agency Training Registrar.
Participant Information: Prework: Participants should read the first chapter of Crucial Conversations which will be e-mailed prior to the session and come prepared with a few potential crucial conversations in mind that will help them fully apply the skills they learn.

This course is one of three courses that build upon each other. It is recommended that the following courses be taken in this sequence:

1. Emotional Intelligence - Introduction (COMMCS044)
2. Managing Workplace Relationships (COMMCS046)
3. Crucial Conversations (COMMCS049)

It is not required that the courses be taken in this order and you can choose to take one or all of the courses.
Learning Process Employed:
 Grey ball image Collaborative Learning  
 Grey ball image Discussion  
 Grey ball image Experiential Learning  
 Grey ball image Lecture/Stand up Presentation  
 Grey ball image Multimedia Approach  
Time Required: 2  Day(s)
Course Cost: $0.00
Instructor: DARBY  PIFER
Competencies: Grey Ball image Communication  Grey Ball image Building Trust   Grey ball image Interpersonal Skills   Grey ball image Managing Conflict   Grey ball image Adaptability
Prerequisites: None