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  Course No.:  COMMCS046      
  Course Title:  Managing Workplace Relationships
Course Description Fact: working with others can be challenging. Do you have co-workers whose behaviors or work habits drive you crazy? Are you stuck in a confining role at work that is blocking your professional advancement? If you’re reading this and nodding your head, would you like to know how to free yourself from the emotional impact these challenges have on your professional and personal life?

This course discusses how to manage our own reactions and successfully handle the behaviors of difficult people and situations in the workplace.
Learning Objectives By the end of this session, participants will be able to:
1. Examine how their own reactions sometimes encourage and reinforce undesirable situations or relationships.
2. Manage difficult personalities.
3. Apply a process to “neutralize” the negative effects of working with difficult people.
4. Set and reinforce boundaries.
5. Identify different types of confining roles that keep people from personal effectiveness or career advancement.
Who Should Attend: This workshop is designed for all State of Michigan employees.
Registration Information: To register for this class, contact your Agency Training Registrar.
Participant Information: This course is one of three courses that build upon each other. It is recommended that the following courses be taken in this sequence:

1. Emotional Intelligence - Introduction (COMMCS044)
2. Managing Workplace Relationships (COMMCS046)
3. Crucial Conversations (COMMCS049)

It is not required that the courses be taken in this order and you can choose to take one or all of the courses.
Learning Process Employed:
 Grey ball image Case Study  
 Grey ball image Collaborative Learning  
 Grey ball image Demonstration  
 Grey ball image Discussion  
 Grey ball image Dramatization  
 Grey ball image Handouts  
Time Required: 6.5  Hour(s)
Course Cost: $0.00
Instructor: DARBY  PIFER
Competencies: Grey Ball image Communication          
Prerequisites: None