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  Course No.:  COMMCS042      
  Course Title:  Leading Effective Meetings
Course Description This class is designed to build confidence and competence in leading effective meetings. Meetings are a medium through which organizations communicate information, share ideas, plan strategies and tactics, gather input on issues, solve problems, discuss organizational goals and objectives, reach decisions on courses of action, and follow through on commitments. When conducted effectively, meetings are powerful drivers of government success. When conducted ineffectively, meetings drain the energy of associates, fail to capitalize on rich diversity and talents, and squander the time and high cost of bringing associates together to address organizational issues. Organizations expect effective and productive meetings. This means people who lead meetings know how to achieve desired results and manage relationships and processes at the same time. By the end of this session, participants will be prepared to fulfill their organization's expectation for effective and productive meetings.
Learning Objectives By the end of this session participants will:
1. Develop skills that lead to effective meetings.
2. Position themselves as fearless facilitators whose skills significantly impact team and organizational success.
3. Increase career opportunities.
4. Improve job and personal satisfaction.
Who Should Attend: This workshop is designed for all State of Michigan employees who lead meetings.
Registration Information: To register for this class, contact your Agency Training Registrar.
Participant Information: Civil Service staff will conduct the training sessions.
Learning Process Employed:
 Grey ball image Demonstration  
 Grey ball image Discussion  
 Grey ball image Lecture/Stand up Presentation  
Time Required: 3.5  Hour(s)
Course Cost: $0.00
Competencies: Grey Ball image Technical/Professional Knowledge and Skills          
Prerequisites: None