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  Course No.:  CHANGCS002      
  Course Title:  Managing Change and Transition
Course Description Do you ever feel as if you just get used to doing work a certain way when along comes another change? If so, you are not alone. In today's world change is inevitable and more rapid than at any other time in history.

This class includes interactive activities as well as videos designed to help you understand your reactions to change. You will discover coping skills to help you better deal with your professional and personal life in our ever-changing environment. You will also learn to be aware of ways others manage change and transition.
Learning Objectives As a result of attending this course you will learn to:
1. Identify the stages in the change process.
2. Examine the effects of change on individuals, teams, and organizations.
3. Learn strategies to help you and others deal with change.
4. Learn how attitude plays a part in our ability to cope with change.
5. Share ideas for handling challenging change situations.
Who Should Attend: This workshop is designed for all State of Michigan employees.
Registration Information: To register for this class, contact your Agency Training Registrar.
Participant Information: Civil Service staff will conduct the training sessions.
Learning Process Employed:
 Grey ball image Collaborative Learning  
 Grey ball image Discussion  
 Grey ball image Handouts  
 Grey ball image Lecture/Stand up Presentation  
Time Required: 3.5  Hour(s)
Course Cost: $0.00
Instructor: DARBY  PIFER
Competencies: Grey Ball image Adaptability  Grey Ball image Facilitating Change        
Prerequisites: None